How to Deal with Negative People

How to Deal with Negative People

Each one of us has that special someone who likes to bring us down and pretty much everyone else around them. They’re the person who, whatever the world offers them, will find something to nag, bitch, and complain about, knock off, pick at, and find fault with. They’re the person who will grumble when it’s raining and will whine about the heat when the sun suddenly decides to slip out from behind the clouds. They’ll tell you rich people are evil, poor people are lazy, and everyone else in between is evil or lazy to varying degrees. When you’re feeling good, they’ll tell you it won’t last long. And when you’re feeling bad, they’ll say the world is unfair so you might as well deal with it.

Negative people come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes, it’s the hairstylist from hell who thrives on gossip and rumor-mongering. Other times, it’s Tita Topacia who, every Christmas, keeps pointing out that you’re still unmarried and childless at 22. Luckily, you only get to see her once a year. It’s easy to deal with them when you don’t have to live with them. What isn’t so easy is when you have to deal with the negativity that comes off people you have to see every day.

It’s the kind of negativity we don’t often talk about. Continue reading “How to Deal with Negative People”

The Most Important Thing You Need to Do to Get What You Want

The Most Important Thing You Need to Do to Get What You Want

For most of our childhood years, we’ve been taught to think that hard work is the key to getting what you want. And that’s what has been reinforced in us throughout most of our adult lives as well.

Think about all of the “success stories” you’ve heard about in the past. Most of them would talk about pushing up your sleeves, gritting your teeth, and keeping your nose to the grindstone. They talk about working so damn hard you forget everything else, including your own relationship with yourself. What does that matter, after all? As long as you work hard and pay your dues, you’re going to get what you want in the end. Even if that means you’re going to lose everything else you’ve got right now.

That doesn’t sound right to me. And that’s coming from a chronic hard worker and recovering workaholic. If hard work was the secret to success, then the world’s hardest workers would be the world’s most successful. Obviously, that isn’t true. Because, obviously, most people are missing something in the equation. Continue reading “The Most Important Thing You Need to Do to Get What You Want”

8 Reasons It’s Time to Let Go

8 Reasons It’s Time to Let GoIt takes a lot to hold on to something, but the real measure of your power is in letting go.

Letting go has taken a bad rap, thanks to all the love songs and romantic movies that make you think there’s only one romantic partner, one perfect career, and one ultimate dream for you, and if we let that slip through our fingers, we’re gone. But letting go is actually one of the most important skills we need to master to create a vibrant, thriving life that’s full of love, abundance, and happiness.

But let’s clear up the cobwebs first. Continue reading “8 Reasons It’s Time to Let Go”

What the Hell is Self-Love?

What the Hell is Self-Love?Self-love has become such a hot, new buzzword these days that I wonder if it’s just a trend that will die out soon. Because, honestly, does anyone even know what it is? What in the world is self-love?

There was a time when it was called self-esteem. Still, even that didn’t have a clear and definitive meaning. Some people confuse it with self-confidence. Others think it is self-forgiveness. The more woo-woo of the lot call it self-awareness. And to make it all the more confusing, somebody came along and decided to call it self-love. It’s hard enough to define how we love others. When it’s ourselves we try to love, it gets even harder. Continue reading “What the Hell is Self-Love?”

Say Hello to Your Fears

say hello to your fearsIf you’re like me, you spend hours, days, months – even whole fucking years! – just steering clear of the things you have always wanted to do. And when it finally comes time to do it, you find all sorts of excuses just to keep yourself from doing whatever it is your soul has been calling out for you to do.

Say, the sink needs some scrubbing, even though you scrub it down squeaky clean every single damned morning. Or, hey, this plant needs some watering, the floor needs some mopping, and you have to do some online shopping for things you don’t really need and wait a few more days for the postman to arrive and deliver your package of things you don’t really need. And, of course, there’s Facebook! And when you’re done stalking everyone you know and don’t know, you can switch on over to Twitter, then Instagram, then Pinterest. And let’s put in LinkedIn for good measure. There. By the time you’re done, you’ll have practically zero time to do what you’ve always wanted to do but were always afraid of doing.

But when it’s time, it’s really time. Even the deepest, darkest, stubbornest parts of yourself will sense it. You’ll feel it in the air—a restlessness that will not die down until you finally decide to sit down and do what it is you want to do. And you’ll feel it inside—a heaviness in your heart. The kind that has slowly and steadily been piling up all throughout the years you have been ignoring its call. Continue reading “Say Hello to Your Fears”

How Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

How Does the Law of Attraction Really WorkMany of you have read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. And, like me, many of you probably did not understand what The Secret was all about when you first read it.

I first got my hands on The Secret some 10 years ago. At that time, I was eager to try out what it told me to do.

You can attract everything you want in your life by simply focusing on what you want.

Easy, right? Well, like most people who read the book, I was in for a big disappointment. It sure seemed simple enough, but why wasn’t I able to attract what I wanted? At that time, it was a happy relationship with a handsome, smart, rich, and kind man. Continue reading “How Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?”

The Hardest Question You’ll Ever Have to Ask Yourself

The Hardest Question You'll Ever Have to Ask YourselfMost of us spend our time looking out.

We look up and out at the night sky, pondering big questions like “What’s the meaning of life?” or “Why am I here?” or “Is there anyone else out there?”

The truth is there’s one little question we never really ask ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s because we hear this question all the time that we have an instant, ready-made answer. Other times, it’s because we think the answer doesn’t really matter. But often, it’s because we’re too scared to look the answer in the eye. Continue reading “The Hardest Question You’ll Ever Have to Ask Yourself”